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Visit Dedza

Chongoni Forest

The Chongoni Forest Reserve lies between the M1 road and the dirt road that goes past the Dedza Pottery. It can be approached from the M1 through the turnoff to the Malawi College of Forestry and Wildlife, or from the north on the dirt road from Linthipe or from the south by the Dedza Pottery dirt road.

The Kazela Lodge and Ed's Bar in the grounds of the Malawi College of Forestry and Wildlife provide a centre for exploring the Reserve.

There are many paths through the forest that are suitable for rambling and mountain biking. One spectacular walk is to the summit of Chencherere Hill, a steep granite outcrop to the north of the Kazela Lodge.

chincherere chincherere chongoni

The forest has a mixture of plantation and brachystegia woodland with bird species for this habitat and some animals. This is also the location of the Chongoni Rock Art site.