Visit Dedza

Dedza Mountain Forest Reserve

Dedza Mountain rises to a height of 2198m (7200ft) above the Township's 1600m (5300ft). It takes about two and a half hours to walk up the well maintained road to the communications antennae. It would also be possible to drive up. One route starts from the Golf Course in the Township. It is simple to follow - keep going up and take the right fork at junctions. The antennae are often in view as a guide. There are good views over the plain to the west.

Dedza Summit grasses flower

Much of the mountain is covered with plantation pine but there are areas of riverine and evergreen forest, especially nearer the summit. There is a good variety of wildflowers at the side of the road and epiphytic orchids can be found in the wet season. Butterflies flit tantalisingly along the road. Monkeys can be seen in the trees near the summit.

At the antennae, the guards will give directions to good vantage points. The view back over the Township is spectacular and on clear days Lake Malawi can be seen to the east. The true summit is a further 3km along the ridge.

When descending, a diversion to the Dedza Pottery for a reward is possible. Take a right fork when you can see the easily recognisable pudding-shaped large rock outcrop. Walking along the track above this will lead to the southern fence of the sawmill and onto the dirt road at the Pottery. This can be an alternative starting point for a walk up the mountain.