Visit Dedza

Dedza-Salima Forest Reserve

The Dedza-Salima Forest Reserve runs in a north-south strip thorough the western part of Dedza and lies between the Thuma Forest Reserve in the north and the Mua-Livulezi Forest Reserve in the south. It covers an area of 32,000ha (320 sq km).

Numbers of animals in the Reserve are low because of the lack of enforcement action over the years. However, the Wildlife Action Group, a German based charity, has recently taken over the management and hopes to create a stronghold for the African elephant and other wildlife through conservation work.

The Wildlife Action Group has been working successfully in the Thuma Forest Reserve for a number of years and has a permanent group of rangers there to protect the animals. It is possible to visit the base camp in Thuma and to work as a volunteer for a period of time. Details of the organisation can be found on their website