Visit Dedza

Mpalale Dance Village

Mpalale Village offers a demonstration of traditional dances. The programme covers five different types of dances, including Gule Wamkulu performed by men in masked costumes. It lasts for about one hour.

The village is located on the east side of the dirt road opposite the turning to the Malawi College of Forestry and Wildlife, about 8km north of Dedza Township. If needed, a guide to the location of the village can be obtained from the Kazela Lodge or Ed's Bar at the College or from the Dedza Art Shop on the dirt road near the Pottery.

Mpalale mask Mpalale women dancers Mpalale dancer

Ed's Bar is a useful nearby stopping point for a drink or lunch before or after the performance. It is best to ring beforehand to arrange lunch. (see Kazela Lodge in the accommodation section).

Bookings for the dance need to be made at least two days beforehand and re-confirmed on the morning of the appointed day. Contact Group Village Headman on 00 265 999 589 639 or Chembekezo Sizeki 00 265 999 684 276.

The cost of the demonstration is MK5000. The funds are used by the village committee for improvements in the village.