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Mpira Wood Art Gallery

This shop is run by Enock Mpira, one of five brothers who were all trained in wood carving at the Mua Mission. There is a wide range of carvings.

The wood used for the carving includes ebony and ironwood. It is sourced from the Mua-Livulezi Forest Reserve, which is supervised by the Forestry Department of the Dedza District Council.

More information about Enock and examples of his work are on

boxes carving masks

The shop is in a group with the Dedza Handmade Art Gallery and Daiman's Art Shop about 0.5km up the dirt road to the Dedza Pottery.

The shop is open Mon-Sat 7am to 5pm, Sun 9am to 5pm

Contact +265 999 294 321

Email: (occasional via internet cafe).