Visit Dedza

Mua-Livulezi Forest Reserve

The Mua-Livulezi Forest Reserve lies on the southern border of Dedza District. Its area includes land below the Bembeke Escarpment at the same altitude as Lake Malawi. It includes bamboo and medium altitude brachystegia woodland not found on the other Reserves.

The southern edge of the Reserve is near the tarmac S127 Masasa-Golomoti road that links the M1 and M5. This winding mountain road offers spectacular views over the Lake Malawi valley. The valley level is reached at the village of Mganga and there is a choice here of continuing on the tarmac to the M5 at Golomoti or branching off on the dirt road through the bamboo forest to Mua.

waterfall bamboo forest

The Panmoto Chalets at the Mua Mission can be used as a base to explore this Reserve. It is also possible to organise a long distance walk between Bembeke and Mua. The Administrator at the Kungoni Centre at Mua (+265 1262 706) can arrange for a guide to come to Bembeke to escort walkers. The guide will charge for this.

The Ku Mwali waterfall on the Namkokwe River can be reached by a path from the southern side of the new bridge on the M5, south of Mua. Tradition has it that this is the site where Mwali, the spirit wives of the Banda tribe, used to take ritual baths, calling for rain and fertility.